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Weight Loss Software or Assistant

Being serious at losing fat from your body for whatever reason implies getting into the habit of tracking your calorie intake along with your calorie output. I will let you into a little secret of how simple to use weight loss software or tracker can transform your fat loss goals both in the medium and long term enabling you to stay healthy.


Why do you have to do this, you wonder?


The reason is very simple: Your calorie output needs to exceed your calorie intake if you really want to rid yourself of those unwanted pounds of fat.
 It does help that your weight loss plan should revolve around your current weight, height, sex, activity level and of course your calorie intake.


So in effect you have to track the calorie value of all the foods you eat and keep a log of all your food intake which is equivalent of ‘Calorie In’. This nutrition diary represents your ‘Food Log’.

It also makes sense your ‘Calorie Out’ is adequately tracked. You go about this by keeping a diary of all your physical activities. This will represent your ‘Exercise and Activity’ log.


These two aspects of the logs are paramount to achieving your weight loss goals.

You can do this manually reading food labels, calculating the caloric value in every food and beverage you consume and also keeping a log of all your exercise activities and calculating how much calories you burn with each and every physical activity you undertake daily.

In my experience, this can be time-consuming, confusing and downright frustrating.


Your patience could be stretched with this approach and little wonder some people give up all too easily.

To avoid this, your best bet is to use a reliable, intelligent weight loss software or tracker that takes your current weight, height, sex, level of activity and gives you a nutrition plan along with calories burnt.


It may or may not surprise you that weight loss software differ a great deal in their basic and core design. As you will expect, the quality of the design lends itself to how much of a help or hinderance that tracker is able to assist you with your fat loss goals.


So, what should you look out for in such a weight loss assistant?

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