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Turbulence Training Program Feedback & Review

Does turbulence training program really work?


If you are considering buying the turbulence training program, then you need to read this entire page, so you can make an informed decision.


Turbulence training program has been around now for a couple of years. Authored by Craig Ballantyne, who himself is a Certified Personal Trainer.


Here is an overview of the program and it is unbiased, with comments and feedback sought from different sources on the internet from actual users. My verdict is revealed at the end of this overview, so you can make an informed choice about it.


buy turbulence trainingSo what’s the turbulence training program all about?


  • Designed for the busy individual who hasn’t got much spare time devoted to weight loss.
  • Quick measures to facilitate weight loss
  • You lose fat and gain muscle without cardio exercises
  • Interval training and weight training cleverly designed to target the areas you want to lose fat from.
  • Only need about 3 short workouts per week.
  • Nutritional advice provided – ever heard of the “dental floss diet”








Pros of turbulence training program

  • Very time efficient
  • Therefore suits busy people
  • Boring Cardio not necessary
  • No expensive exercise equipment needed
  • Can be done at home, hotel, outdoors or gym depending on your circumstances
  • Whole body training can be done for just 30 minutes at a time
  • Exercises easy on the joints
  • Strengthens your lower back
  • Discussion forum available where you can ask questions and share your experiences with other customers who have the product.


 Cons of the program

  • The nutritional aspect of the program is not comprehensive enough as Craig’s emphasis is on intense interval training designed to burn your body fat.


Refund policy

100% money-back guarantee. Clickbank (the payment processor) will process refunds on behalf of the Seller if necessary.


So, does turbulence training program work?


Instead of giving you my opinion, I’d rather you hear what consumers of product i.e actual users are saying. These have been culled from various sources on the internet.


William K Mangino said….

“If you really want to lose weight fast and have some beach-worthy body that you could show off, you might want to try some intense training to have a much better looking physique. You can achieve this and more by engaging in Turbulence Training as developed by Craig Ballantyne”

……culled from


Blackjack said….. (in response to a question posed by another forum user whether to buy Turbulence Training or some other product)……


I'm with Lisa on this one, Turbulence Training has very basic routines for beginners and Turbulence Training for Women might seem a little less-intimidating. My advice would be to get the all-access pass then you can get workouts for the both of you! It's about the best deal on the internet”

.....culled from


Chris Correia said…..

have the Turbulence Training all access pass. It's a great buy. You get a ton of past programs and manuals, as well as the monthly workouts Craig posts. You also get access to the members’ only site, which also has a forum, through which Craig and others answer questions, give input, etc”

......culled from


Eustace said......

I started out with Turbulence Training, and the workouts are simple but very effective. Plus most of his programs start out with a beginner/introductory level and then become progressively more challenging. The pass or membership is a great deal, with access to most if not all of his older programs, plus he publishes a new workout every month. Craig is great at answering any questions you might have quite quickly, too”

......culled from


Fitness expert said....

“I began using it. I love it! the workouts are intense but short. I like that they don’t take over 50 minutes to complete and most of all, I like that I lost a lot of weight and have been feeling pretty good. Also, it comes with a very descriptive diet guide. For the first time ever, I got the results the program promised and I tried atkins, weight watchers, diet pills, south beach and none of them really worked but Turbulence training has worked”

……culled from Yahoo Answers


As you know, not everyone will get the same results. Here is an example from Yahoo Answers


Mirius said……

“It's an excellent program and I highly recommend it.
I've used it for a while now, though my results are not what you'd expect because I've not been following the program as laid out since I'm not interested in fat loss”

……culled from Yahoo Answers


Lizanneh said….. (when she was asked for a feedback by Susannyny in the forum following her Turbulence Training purchase)

Oh yes! It is going absolutely great. I’m down to 123 lbs, and just got my body fat percentage tested at just over 21%.

I’ve noticed the most improvement in my back muscles. I’ve lost a ton of fat back there, and can now button shirts and jackets I haven’t been able to button in a long time!

And my arms are just starting to show signs of biceps. I always had them…but you couldn’t see them, just feel them. Now the lines are faint, but they are absolutely there!

Everyone is telling me how great I look, and I feel great too. One of the major points is that I have really been intense and focusing on what I’m eating and trying to eat clean.

If this is what I get after two weeks, I can’t imagine how it will be after 12! I’ve been doing the intermediate bodyweight workout, but my gym opens tomorrow and so this weekend I’m going to switch to a weighted workout”

....culled from forum


Who is the Turbulence Training program for?

  • Men who like to get back in shape losing all the unwanted body fat
  • Women who would like to have a better looking body that they and their partner would be proud of...again
  • Anyone over 16 years of age, young or old who wants to burn fat away


Who is the program not meant for?

Of course, the turbulence training program is not for everybody including:

  • If you cannot do weight training or resistance training for any reason
  • If you’d always want to blame your genes for your looks
  • If you are just plain lazy
  • If you can’t follow simple instructions on how to exercise and improve your calorie burn.


buy turbulence training programMy Verdict

No single program works for everybody every time. Some people are probably not suited for this short bursts of training 3 times a week that the turbulence training program advocates.

However for the vast majority of folks who can follow simple fitness instructions and have some dietary discipline, the turbulence training program is definitely worth your while.


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