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Swimming To Lose Weight

If swimming to lose weight is your objective, then you are on the right track because there aren’t too many exercise routines that provide you with a total body workout as swimming does.

Swimming is a low impact exercise that attracts all ages and indeed is suitable for all ages.


The older you get, the more the likelihood of the body joints becoming an impediment which rules out some other exercises like running or jogging by their very nature. You can however ease yourself into swimming without any significant risk of further damage to your joints so long as you start small and build up gradually.


Obesity continues to be a problem worldwide, worse in western countries. Excess body fat especially fat around the belly poses a serious health risk as it can lead high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke etc.

One way of tackling the problem of obesity is engaging in some form of regular exercise to burn calories and by so doing burn body fat and consequently reduce the risk of those diseases. Naturally, to achieve this objective, this will have to be accompanied by a sensible eating plan or counting how much calories you consume each day.

Swimming to lose weight

Indeed if you are overweight then swimming is one of the most suitable exercises for you because of its low impact nature and very low stress levels on the joints. Swimming to lose weight remains one of the most viable routines when it comes to fat loss.



A Princeton study did demonstrate swimming to have a superior calorie-burning potential to running but I should also mention that this study was carried out on professional athletes.


How this study applies to you and I, is that the calorie burn rate will be initially low at first but as you start to swim faster, farther and longer whilst improving your technique as well, those calories will be splashing off at an unbelievable rate per minute.


Here are some tips if you are swimming to lose weight 

  • The first thing to consider when you want to embark on a swimming to lose weight regime is to set your self a realistic goal. That way, you avoid disappointment as happens when your goals are unrealistic and that could be very demoralising.


  • By the way, always seek your physician’s advice first to determine your suitability for any exercise regime before commencing it.


  • Swimming to loose weight requires motivation and discipline as indeed with any other weight loss program. For instance, you will need to do your routine about 3 – 4 times a week and each session should last about 45 minutes to 1 hour.


  • You will also need to keep an eye on your heart rate. The reason is that for any exercise to be beneficial both in the short and long term, you have to exercise within your individually calculated target heart rate for weight loss. Once you know what your target heart rate should be, you need to strive to hit the range and that is where you will need reliable waterproof heart rate monitor.




  • Start slowly and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts with time. For instance, you can swim for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this routine about 12 times.


  • Then as you get comfortable with that routine, increase the exercise time further whilst reducing the rest intervals. What I mean by that is, increase the swimming time from 30 seconds to 40 seconds and reduce the rest time from 30 seconds to 20. Keep doing this and when you get get comfortable with these times, increase the pace again.


  • Introduce kicking exercises as well employing the same timing as described above and to prevent monotony, vary your swimming style i.e freestyle, breast stroke, backstroke, butterfly etc during every session. How about doing 2 laps of freestyle and follow it up with 1 lap of butterfly and another lap of breast stroke. See how your swimming to lose weight results will begin to improve in leaps and bounds as time goes on. 


  • As you become more comfortable and your cardiovascular fitness and endurance improves (and it will, trust me), then you will need to really work on your intensity, speed and technique to maximize your swimming calorie burn…and indeed your fat burn.


  • Increase your distance on a weekly basis when swimming to lose weight, but avoid the temptation of doing so by a huge margin. Increasing your distance by around about 10% from the previous week should be your on-going goal.


  • The goal of improving your technique is to swim in such a way that you are in as little contest with the water as much as possible and this can be facilitated by engaging the services of a swimming coach because quite simply that is what they do. I can tell you without doubt that your calorie burn rate will accelerate as your swimming technique gets better and better.


  • One principle to go by even if you have been swimming for years is to have an objective of improving your swimming and swimming technique in every session. That is to say, strive to be a better swimmer at the end of every swimming session than you were at the beginning of that session.

Be reassured that with some degree of discipline on your part, swimming to loose weight is realistically possible. If you persist with this pleasurable fitness regime, you will hit your target sooner than you thought was possible.


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