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Swimming Calories


When it comes to swimming calories burned off during a session, one has to realize that a lot has to do with the muscle-fat ratio of your body. Clearly the more muscle you have, the more calories you are likely to shed.

It is for the same reason that in general men are more likely to lose more calories during a swimming session than women within reason that is.


That is not to say that men will always burn more than women because a lady that happens to have more muscle bulk than a male counterpart will most certainly shift more calories during a swimming workout session. I think you get the idea. I don’t want to start a gender war here and of course there are other factors that come into play too as explained below.

Yes, there are other variables that come into the mix as well. For instance, you shake off more calories for “speedwork” than you would for “lap swimming”. Swimmers who use calorie counters will agree and your stroke work, your kicking intensity, swimming style all contribute.

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What swimming style performs better with calories?

I’d say breast stroke and butterfly without a shadow of doubt.

With breast stroke, you do a lot of work with your arms and legs as they have to push forward through water and remember too that your head and chest need to be above water. The same muscle group is called into action with the butterfly technique.

Swimming calories per lap will be less with freestyle and backstroke.


So how much calories can you lose with swimming per hour or per mile?

As I did mention earlier on, freestyle is the least efficient when it comes to swimming calories burnt. Even with that freestyle, you can burn 500 calories per hour and if you were to do it vigorously, you will be talking 750 calories in an hour.

As you can tell, the more vigorous the routine is, the more you will burn.


Here is a guide for an average 180 pound individual doing beast stroke or butterfly. Remember, the heavier you are, the more calories you will shake off.


Light intensity – 515 calories per hour
Moderate intensity – 600 calories per hour
Vigorous – 890 calories per hour


As the intensity of the swimming goes up, your calorie burn efficiency goes through the roof. The main reason for this is that this level of intensity propels you into your target heart rate zone for fitness and without question you will be working every muscle group in your body.


For the benefit of those people who would like to know the amount of swimming calories burned per mile….

…well the answer is 430 calories with a gentle approach but you will burn a lot more swimming calories if you are already a fit individual and can do a mile on a moderate to high intensity level of exercise.


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