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All About Running Calories and Running To Lose Weight


There is no doubt that running does burn calories. You will even burn more if you do it regularly. Running to lose weight is a very effective fat loss strategy but can be confusing when you want to calorie count.

There is an on-going debate as to whether walking and running burn the same amount of calories per unit mile. I wont bother you with the details of that debate here but instead I will give you a formula with which you can calculate running calories burned per unit time.

The running calories burned formula I will give you on this page will clear all the confusion and should empower you to continue with your weight loss pursuit.


How Many Running Calories Burned Per Mile?

As a rule of thumb, you burn about 100 Calories per mile for the average person when you run. So the more you run or the longer you run, the more calories you expend. The heavier you are, the more calories you expend as well as you will soon find out.


How Many Running Calories Burned Per Hour?Running to lose Calories

The amount of calories burned from running exercise would vary depending on your body weight, your level of physical conditioning, the intensity of the running exercise and of course your metabolism.

As stated above, if the average person burns 100 Calories per mile, then how much you expend per hour will depend on your speed. So at 5 miles per hour, the average individual would have burned 5 times more calories i.e 500 Calories per hour in general.


What Is The Running Calories Burned Formula?

Instead of giving you a long list of running calories burned for different body weights and different running speeds, here is a formula that applies to everybody and anyone who engages in running as a form of exercise.

It keeps the calorie counting angle to running very simple. It is culled from Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise Journal.


Total Calories Burned Running Per Mile = 0.75 X Your Body Weight (in pounds)

Very easy to calculate.

If say you weigh 180 lbs, your total calories burned per mile will be 0.75 X 180 = 135 Calories.
At 5 miles per hour, your total running calories burned will be 135 X 5 = 675

So go ahead and calculate your total running calories burned for your weight and start running.



Running To Lose Weight Tips

Here are a few tips to help you with your running calories if you want to lose weight.

  • Have a chat with your doctor first to make sure you haven’t got any medical reason not to embark on your new pursuit.



  • If you have a choice between tight fitting clothing and loose fitting ones, I will advise the latter in terms of comfort.

Running to lose Weight


  • Start slowly and gradually build up the distance covered over time. There is plenty of time ahead of you in future to cover longer distance and to run for longer as well. No rush.


  • Work on your running technique at the initial stages as doing so will make the running process a lot easier with time. That way you will enjoy running more and increasing distance covered will be relatively painless.


  • Don’t be alarmed if your weight goes up at the initial stages of your running routine. This is because the fat you burn at the time is replaced with muscle which is heavier in weight. Subsequently you will see your weight beginning to drop with time. Now we are talking.


  • Gradually increase your speed once your body gets used to your new found love. You will tell this by the fact that the initial aches and pains you experienced at the start will cease. Now its time to bump up the pace.


  • Turbo-charge your weight loss by including a diet plan. All you need to take into consideration is, the calories you burn daily should exceed the calories you consume.

Now that you have learnt a thing or two about running calories and running to lose weight, you may want to learn more about how many calories do I need to loose weight. Visit that link for more info but before then, please check out the recommended resource below. Really good resource for fitness and it comes highly recommended!


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