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Jogging To Lose Weight


One thing some of us are not familiar with is the fact that building more muscle will actually accelerate your metabolic rate even when you are idle. A higher metabolic rate means you are able to burn more fat at a faster rate which translates to losing weight.

Jogging represents an effective method to loose weight with every mile you travel. This is because jogging is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It becomes even more effective if you can combine it with some anaerobic exercises that facilitate muscle building.


Naturally you will want to include a sensible eating plan that ensures your calorie burn exceeds your calorie intake and part of your calorie burn will come from your jogging routine.

Given the fact that jogging is a cardiovascular exercise, you get additional health benefits of lower blood pressure and possibly lower cholesterol and you will notice without fail how your general well being will improve every time you complete an exercise routine. You can actually jog to relieve stress!Jogging to lose weight


Here are some tips on jogging to burn fat or burn calories

  • For starters, seek medical advice first to determine if jogging is suitable for you especially if you have a medical condition.


  • Jogging can be hard on the knees, so if you have got a knee problem, consider alternative exercises that are equally effective but of low impact. Pre-existing knee problems can be exacerbated by jogging or running but workout routines like swimming or using the elliptical trainer or cross trainer are just as good but have less impact on the knees.


  • Get the right gear for your jogging routine. The right jogging shoes can make all the difference to whether you will enjoy this routine or not. Spend a little bit of money to acquire good running shoes and you will be glad you did.



  • When jogging to lose weight, you may want to get a heart monitor as well, so you can monitor your heart rate and probably aim to hit your pre-calculated target heart rate for your desired objective.


  • If you are just starting out, I will advise you start small and gradually build up the intensity of your exercise. Don’t go jogging 5 miles in one go in your first week. You probably won’t be able to do it anyway but that failure could dent your confidence and demoralise you.


  • If you are jogging to lose weight, choose a route that you are familiar with and fairly free of hazards, so you can jog undisturbed like the park, your neighbourhood. There is no point jogging and having to look over shoulders every now and again. That will be distracting and unhelpful.


  • Set a realistic goal for yourself if you really want jogging to lose belly fat or to get fit or simply jogging to tone up. You will achieve your goal with some determination and discipline.


  • For each jogging session, always do some stretching exercises before you commence your routine and end the session with similar stretching exercises as well.


  • With jogging there is speed and distance to consider and these variables are within your control. You decide at what pace and what distance you wish to cover right from the outset. It makes sense to start at speeds you are comfortable with and as you get more confident, you up the pace. The same thing applies to distance.


  • Actually varying all of these introduces spice to your jogging to lose weight schedule. You should include brisk walking and terrains that have an incline do mean you push yourself just a little bit more, all of which will contribute to your calorie burn.


  • For instance, you do brisk walking for the first 10 minutes, jog at a slow pace for 15 minutes, increase the pace for another 15 minutes, brisk walk for the next 10 minutes and jog at a moderate pace for the last 10 minutes to complete the 1 hour session. Vary those times, improve on the distance covered and see if you can add terrains that have inclines to alter intensity…and …you get the idea, don’t you?

Jogging to lose weight


How many calories can I burn per minute and per hour with jogging?

How much calories you burn when you go jogging depends on your body weight plus of course the intensity of your exercise. If you weigh about 150 pounds, you will on average burn about 10 calories per minute and if you weigh between 120 and 140 lbs, you burn about 9.2 calories per minute.


11.5 calories is what you will burn if you weigh between 160 and 170 lbs whilst those on the weight range of 180 lbs – 200 lbs will burn 12.7 calories per minute.


As a rule of thumb, you could use a simple formula of adding a zero the number of minutes you been out jogging to get an approximate amount of calories burnt. So for instance, if you’ve been out jogging for 40 minutes, add a zero and you get 400 calories.

So on average the amount calories burned jogging per hour is about 600 calories but of course, you are likely to burn more or even less depending on the efficiency of your jog which relates to the intensity as well.


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