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How To Burn 3500 Calories


Actually, burning 3500 calories is a good starting point when it comes to weight loss. This is because the basis of nearly all fat loss programs is that, shedding this exact amount of calories will make you lose one pound of fat.


So if you want to the answer to the question – how many calories to burn one pound of fat?


Answer – Burn 500 calories a day and over 7 days, you would have shed 3500 calories which is how many calories to burn 1 pound off your weight. This loss of one pound of fat has been spread over a week in this example but this could be done over a shorter time depending on your strategy.


So how do you go about it?

The truth is you have to either consume less calories or engage in physical activities that will encourage this amount of calorie loss. You have to aim for a deficit between intake and output to hit that target.

A word of warning though. It is unrealistic to consider trashing 3500 calories off your diet or losing this amount of calories by physical exercise in one day or one workout session. Such an approach is dangerous and inadvisable.

You must consider doing this over days not hours.


How to burn 3500 calories - tips to assist you starting today.


Tip # 1
You need to get up and go. Stop being a couch potato. Start off with some decent activities that are aerobic in nature. These are activities that increase your heart rate, make your lungs and body tissues use up oxygen and improve your cardiovascular efficiency.

How about going jogging or running with or without a friend, swimming in your local gym pool or public pool, going ballroom dancing, cycling, playing table or lawn tennis, squash, basketball, kick boxing etc. If you are not that fit physically, you could do some brisk walking in your neighbourhood.

All these exercises have been proven to increase calorific burn and will surely help you burn 3500 calories much quicker.


How To Burn 3500 Calories Tip # 2.
Increase your muscle bulk. It has been proven that muscles generally burn a lot more calories than fat and other body tissues. So acquiring more muscles means the calories will come off quicker because of a relatively higher metabolic rate provided by the muscles and as you build more muscles, you will be losing the fat as well resulting in a leaner you.

How do you build yourself bigger muscles? You embark on a body-building program. You could elicit professional help if you can afford it, otherwise, go to your local gym and start on a weight training regime or simply use this proven, reliable resource.


How To Burn 3500 Calories Tip # 3.
Manage your diet. You need to cut down on your calories. Fat loss of one pound means you have to shed 3500 calories over days to achieve this. It is therefore understandable that you have to reduce the amount of calories you consume.

How much calories you need to cut off your diet depends on how fast you want to reach your goal and how much weight you intend to lose.


Tip # 4.
Eat frequently. It’s kind of counter-intuitive, isn’t it? You would think that we should be advising you to eat less if you want to cut back on your calories. This is not a contradiction. You can still achieve a diet of a smaller amount of calories with frequent meals.

All you need to do is reduce the quantity or size of your portions and eat about 5 or 6 six times a day. If your total calorie requirement for the day is say 1400, you split this amount over 5 or 6 meals spread through out the day and you are done.

One reason is that, you actually use up calories in the digestive process, so every time you eat you use up calories all of which contribute to deficit you desire.


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