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Heart Rate To Burn Fat


It is a known fact that engaging in physical exercise if done properly is one of the surefire ways to achieving weight loss on account of calories burned in the process.

It has also been established that you are likely to burn more fat if you sustain your exercise workout within the fat burning zone. This theory is based on the fact that more fat is burned when you engage in what is thought to be low-intensity exercise but done in a fairly prolonged duration.

However recent evidence from research seem to suggest that medium intensity to even high intensity workouts are much preferred for fat loss. So if this evidence is anything to go by, you may need to adjust your heart rate to burn fat utilizing exercise formats like these.


So what should be the target heart rate for fat burning? 

You will need to do a simple math here to arrive at this figure or should I say range.
Well, first you need to calculate your maximum heart rate and you do this by subtracting your age from 220.


Maximum heart rate = 220 – your age

You can then work out the fat burning zone based on the maximum heart rate figure.
The zone is between 60 and 70% of that figure.


Let’s illustrate with an example.


If say Tom is aged 35 years, his max heart rate will be 220 – 35 = 185

60% of 185 = 111
70% of 185 = 129


Therefore Tom’s fat burning zone or ideal heart rate to burn fat will be between 111 and 129 in this example. This is the traditional suggested zone but there is some recent evidence to suggest that pushing the target zone to between 70 and 80% spiced with interval training gets better results.

Now you’ve taken the first step towards improving your body shape, getting fit and indeed improving your health in the process.

...and you've also learnt how to alter your heart rate to burn fat, so, what could you alter in your exercise regime and your diet that will facilitate your shedding that excess fat with minimal effort? The answer lies here.


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