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Health and Fitness Software  (Weight Loss Calorie Counter)

If you really want to effectively lose weight using calorie counting method, you need to track your calorie intake and calorie output.

Why is this important?


Well the fact of the matter is, calorie output needs to exceed calorie intake to succeed in shedding those unwanted pounds…and a health and fitness software or a weight loss calorie counter should ideally be one tool that you should add to your weight loss arsenal if you want to avoid frustration.


Ideally your weight loss plan will take into consideration your weight, height, sex, activity level and of course your calorie intake.

What this means is that, you have to track the calorie value of all the foods you eat and keep a log of all your meals constituting your ‘Calorie In’. In most calorie trackers you will see this as your ‘Food Log’.


So how do you take care of the ‘Calorie Out’ aspect of the plan?

Your ‘Exercise and Activity’ log will normally take care of this. This is done by simply keeping a record of all the physical and exercise activities you are performing to enable you keep fit or lose weight.


Crosstrainer interface


These two aspects of the logs are paramount to achieving your weight loss goals.

You can do this manually reading food labels, calculating the caloric value in every food and beverage you consume and also keeping a log of all your exercise activities and calculating how much calories you burn with each and every physical activity you undertake daily.


In my experience, this can be time-consuming, confusing and downright frustrating.

It can test your patience to the limit if you do this manually.

So, can these mind-numbing tasks be done in an easier, more interesting way?


In my humble opinion, your best bet is to use a reliable health and fitness software or weight loss calorie counter that takes your current weight, height, sex, level of activity and gives you a nutrition plan along with calories burnt.


Now all weight loss calorie counters are not created equal. Some are really good while others are not worth your time and resources as they may actually work against you achieving your weight loss goals.


What are the ideal features a good health and fitness software or weight loss calorie counter should possess?

  • A good weight loss calorie counter should have a nutrition plan panel that facilitates achievement of your goals. If you under-eat today, you can overeat tomorrow. The nutrition plan should be calculated in real time and all previously logged data should be taken into account in most recent calculations.


  • Your weight loss calorie counter or health and fitness software should compare your food logs and bodyweight changes and recalculate your calorie expenditure to match it with the current results anytime you log your bodyweight. That will make future predictions more and more accurate after each successive bodyweight log.


  • A good calorie tracking software or exercise calorie calculator should be programmed to 'predict' your weight the next day, and should learn your metabolism. This adds a level of expectation and it should be a joy to discover that your body works like a finely tuned clock; if you do the right thing – it should respond in an expected manner.


  • There should be aerobic as well as power training features in the exercise module in your ideal health and fitness tracker. The cardio workouts should have all the variables – duration, pace, distance, intensity etc and the strength training variables like reps, sets, volume, density, tempo, weights should be on the system and calculated in real time.


  • Your health and fitness software should calculate in real time how many calories you have taken and how much is left for the day. Protein, Fats and Carbohydrate calories should be tracked individually easily using the software.


  • There are occasions when you may not find a particular food in the nutrition database. If this happens, you should have the capability to put in all the information by yourself.


  • The fitness tracker should allow for multiple account users enabling family members to create their own account thereby saving you money.


  • …and more importantly, your health and nutrition software should be easy to use by virtually everyone even if you dread using technology. You should view your relevant stats and calendar schedule in one view without fiddling with too many buttons.


  • ….and help and support should be provided when needed if you get stuck especially in the early stages when you are getting used to the fitness tracker.



These are features that are difficult to find in most weight loss calorie counter software available today.

However, in the sea of a multitude of software available on the internet, it can be difficult to tell which health and fitness software download is reliable, easy to use, intelligent and crucially free of adware and spyware.


The good news is that the software called Crosstrainer Fitness Software performs all these important functions and yet satisfies all the user-friendly criteria and you can download for free. Try it for yourself.


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