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FatLoss4Idiots Reviews

There are a lot of fatloss4idiots reviews all over the internet but how honest and unbiased are they?


My goal here is to help you make an informed, educated decision by the time you have read this entire page.

So do not rush, just read this entire page. I’ve done all the hard work for you.

Some of the fatloss4idiots reviews don’t go far enough to help you make an educated decision on whether this program actually works or not.



fat loss for idiotsSo, what’s the fat loss for idiots program about?



Basically, the Fat loss 4 idiots program consists of 2 components. By the way, ignore the silly name, as it is just a reference to the simplicity of the plan.

The program is simply a New Eating System.

The fat loss for idiots is based on a calorie shifting concept

The calorie shifting is an eating system designed to “fool your body” to raise its metabolic rate.

You learn to constantly change your foods and your body not knowing what foods to expect next is forced to raise its metabolic rate. The food changes ensure your body’s metabolic rate doesn’t level out.

A raised metabolic rate means more efficient fat burn.




What do you get and how the fatloss4idiots works?


The first component is the ebook where you will receive instant download of valuable information explaining why four popular diets we are used to, don’t work, how this new system works, top fat burning foods, effect of alcohol on your weight loss efforts as well as top tips on healthy eating.

The second component is the online diet generator and this is the exceptional must-have application. This software is really sophisticated and more importantly simple to use.

You simply enter your weight loss goals and the types of food you prefer, hit the submit button
and voilla, you have an 11-day menu plan generated for you in seconds.

The menu plans are generated by the online generator software using the Calorie Shifting principle. This calorie shifting principle is the basis of the program’s success.

No need to get your mind twisted about what you are going to eat today, tomorrow or the next.

The software does it all for you and it is simple to use.

It really is.



What about vegetarians?


I will answer that question that bothers some of us. I’m talking about vegetarians. Yes, you will be glad to know that there is a separate online generator for vegetarians.



Pros of the fatloss4idiots program


  • You don’t need to count calories.
  • You don’t need to read food labels
  • The menus are cheap
  • The system is very, very affordable.
  • You eat the foods you like and as often as you like.
    No need to starve yourself. A big plus in my books.
  • No need to alter your lifestyle. Very important to most of us.
  • Incredible value for money when you consider what you are getting
    2-in-one system for a very small price with health benefits.
  • No age barrier. Absolutely suitable for every adult.
  • No need to starve yourself either. Your menu plan for each day consists of 
    4 square meals, yes, you read right, 4 square meals.
  • Does not involve bland, tasteless, boring meals.


Cons of the fatloss4idiots program

Aren’t there any downsides to this program?

I said earlier that unlike other fatloss4idiots reviews, this is an honest review, so I will mention them.


  • The program does not come with any workouts or cardiovascular exercise program.
  • The system is simply a diet system that works independent of any exercise program. 
    If you prefer to carry out exercise with it, all the better, because you will achieve your weight loss goals a lot quicker but you don’t have to.
  • The fact that the software spits out the meal plans means you may get some bizarre meal combinations. It will be up to you straighten these unusual combinations out.
  • It is unlikely that this fat loss 4 idiots diet system is pursuable in the long term. It’s probably okay for the short and medium term but not long term.
  • Their customer service has generated a lot of complaints as at the time of writing. I’m hoping they could sort that aspect of their business to give better support to customers who may be struggling to achieve their target weight loss.


Does the fatloss4idiots program work?

Here are some actual users’ comments and feedback. I’d rather give you the stories of the fat loss 4 idiots users out there in thereal world retrieved from various sources on the internet.

This way you can get a balanced view.

Elaineinaz said....


I researched this diet -- found some testimonials, reviews and explanations

I started this diet 3 days ago, and have lost 2 1/2 pounds so far.  There are rules/guidelines offered for eating in restaurants and fast food, so I'm sure it can be done.

This is a relatively painless, quick diet that offers great appeal in getting 3 days off after each 11 day cycle.  That makes it easier to keep up the will-power.  Foods are based on preference and are very low maintenance to prepare.

I plan to get down to my goal weight with this plan and then maintain using a generally sensible plan, which I have not had in the recent past”


.......culled from forum


After 11 days of using the fat loss for idiot diet program, Elaineinaz reported back......


“I have now been on this diet for 11 days and have lost 6 1/2 pounds.  I am very happy with that, especially since I have not exercised or done the recommended walking.  I'm now on my "3 cheat days".  What's weird is, I've been planning since day 2 about what treats I would give myself on my days off.  Now I'm here, and honestly I'm not that hungry and the cravings for the junk aren't very strong.  I'm sticking to this.  I've got nothing to lose...but weight”


....culled from forum

Lucebianca said......


“I've been really busy, so I haven't posted recently.  I lost 7 pounds the first 11 days!  I'm happy with that considering (like I mentioned) I had not done the suggested walking.  I also think it could be because of my very sluggish metabolism.  I took the next 3 days off and then started another 11 day next weigh-in will be this Friday (9/9).  I have definitely lost more weight. I feel great.  I have more energy.  I didn't go crazy on the 3 days off...but basically ate what I wanted.  I have done some walking, but still not enough.  The one thing that stands out in my mind is that I have never been hungry on this diet.  I especially like the days with "mixed nuts" on the menu.  It seems to satisfy the snack craving.  I plan to keep this up until I reach my goal weight”


.......culled from forum




Minteh said (in response to a forum user who had been chronicling his steady weight loss progress on the forum).....


“I wish I had an account there lol. Sounds like a diet that'd actually work”


....culled from forum

Alexdev said......


I have a friend who lost over 15 pounds in 1 month. All by dieting and he maintained it till today. So maybe some weight loss methods like this calorie shifting do provide faster than usual weight loss”


.......culled from forum

Prmahee said......


I agree with Misty. I lost 8 lbs in my first cycle. I think it is the only diet plan that gives what is guaranteed. Hats off to Idiot proof diet founders”


....culled from discussion forum

Here is someone the fat loss for idiots diet didn’t work for.

Terryg said......


Thanks for the info. I, in fact, tried it several months ago and was not very impressed but was not exercising at the time so I thought perhaps that was the reason. However, after reading your comments I feel that it really is overly restrictive


....culled from forum


My Verdict

What can I say!

Following my extensive internet research and having looked at most fatloss4idiots reviews, I would surmise that the fat loss for idiots program works for approximately 75% of buyers. This is my calculated success rate but I will be the first to admit that this figure is not scientific but is the conclusion my research arrived at.

My impression is that most people will achieve some success in short to medium term. Long term success is open to question.


So, Joe, do you think I should buy into the program?

Well as I said, it will work for 3 out of every 4 customers. No program works for everybody every time.

I have provided some tips below for better success.


To get the best out the program, here are a few tips:

  • You will have to try and stick to the diet guideline fairly rigidly
  • Set yourself to drink plenty of water (about 8 glasses a day)
  • Try as much as possible to cut down stress in your life.
  • Get adequate rest and sleep
  • The “cheat days” included in the program must be treated with caution. They are not a license to overeat and over-compensate. If you abuse the “cheat days”, you will be sabotaging your weight loss goals and plans.

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