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Fat Loss Tip – Who Else Wants a Beach Body With These Tips Whilst Having Fun With Our Weight Loss Challenge At The Same Time?

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Here are some simple fat loss tips for you, if you are weight loss enthusiast.


Fat Loss Tip # 1

Don’t Get Obsessed With the Weighing Scale 

We all do it – every morning weighing. It becomes a habit. Not a very good idea. Remember, the weight you see on the scale is just a number, folks.


You shouldn’t let a number ruin your mood for the day. You are not just losing weight, you are actually losing fat. So even though, the scale gives you a figure, it’s your waistline figure that matters more. Weigh yourself every couple of days (3 – 4 days apart is ideal).


Fat Loss Tip # 2

Don’t Shy Away From Physical Activities

The word “exercise” invokes fear in most people. Well, fear not. Did you know that you could incorporate some level of physical activity in your day to day routine?


Walking around the house or your office for about 4 minutes every hour would earn you a total of 30 minutes exercise at the end of 8 hours. Simple little tricks like that, would enable you burn the fat gradually.


Fat Loos Tip # 3

Don’t Be Afraid To Track

Think about it. One of the best ways to control your debt or get out of it for that matter is to track your spending for a pre-determined period of time. That way you will identify areas where you are bleeding money and you plug them as a result.


The same logic can be applied to your nutrition and weight loss. Track what you are eating by keeping a diary of your foods for about a month and the results will surprise you. You will identify areas that need better control. Don’t worry, there are tools available online to do this easily ….even without pen and paper! Subscribe to our free newsletter and we will show you these tools.


Fat Loss Tip # 4

Don’t Starve Yourself

I know this is kind of counter-intuitive when you want to lose weight. Being encouraged to eat more. No, that can’t be right? Yes, it is right. Eat about five to six times a day, within reason though. Why is that? Frequent meals prevent you getting bogged down with hunger pangs and also stop you overeating during your meals.


Having meal plans will simplify the process for you.


As a continuation of our fat loss tips, we encourage you to take up our 11-Day Weight Loss Challenge and you will see just how easy these meal plans can be made, mixed and matched.

There are generic meal plans for everyone even if you are a vegetarian or a coeliac who needs gluten and wheat-free diet, we've made provisions for everyone.

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