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Diet and Exercise Software (Diet and Fitness Software)

It is a shame that a lot of people become disillusioned  when they start an exercise regime either to improve their fitness or to lose weight  on account of their inability to keep track of their progress which may not be measurable on the face of it in the first few days or weeks of starting.


The first mistake which is the gateway to frustration is recording your exercise activities or nutritional information on record paper. Although it may appear cheaper at first glance, it is guaranteed to fail because even if you persevere with this manual mode of tracking, you will find it difficult to analyze the data as the days and weeks go by.


Little do these individuals realize that a simple diet and exercise assistant will not only motivate you in the medium to long term but will inevitably allow you to achieve your weight loss goals within a specified time frame.



So what are the benefits of having diet and exercise assistant or software?

  • An intelligent diet and exercise software or diet and fitness software will track the progress you are making during your fitness or weight loss journey.
  • It will also assist you in setting up an effective exercise schedule.
  • Your nutritional plan will be streamlined and adjusted to suit you and your health.
  • A diet and fitness software with feedback will enable you adjust your eating and exercise plans to meet your goals.
  • It saves time…lots of it.


What are the relevant features in a good diet and exercise or fitness software?

  • For a start, there should be a personal data panel where you enter your personal details and this should be made as easy as possible such that an 8-year-old child can do it without calling for help with the data entry.


  • It should have multiple users’ facility which means you and your family members can each have individual user accounts on the interface.


  • The fitness feature should have both power training and aerobic, cardio training so you can monitor these aspects of your training independently as well as in an integrated manner.


  • A reliable diet and fitness software should have a nutrition panel that enables you to plan, build and log your meals and should be very adaptable on a daily basis.


  • A good diet and exercise software should enable you track virtually every workout variable from intensity of workouts to sets, reps, tempo, density, the lot.


  • With cardio exercises, you should able be track your activity by way of intensity, duration, pace, distance covered, with the software and it should calculate the amount of calories burned at a push of the button.



  • Your diet and fitness assistant should have a nutrition database where you can see the calorific content of your meal and where a particular food is not in the database, the program should allow you enter it into the system and store the information. Besides it should allow you to compare the meal intake with National Recommended Daily Allowance or your customized allowed daily calorie intake.


  • Your diet and exercise tracker should have an interface where you can view the most important stats along with the calendar in one shot. It should be easy to enter your exercise and dieting data without having to fiddle with several buttons.


  • You should be able to get help and support when you need it from the software publishers or developers, just in case.


Do I know any software that meets these criteria? Yes, I do and it’s called Crosstrainer Fitness Software and it’s available for download.

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