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How To Deal With Food and Sugar Cravings

These dealing with food and sugar cravings tips are for everyone who has given in to food cravings in the past and even the present time.

Cravings for food and sugar are a problem when you are trying to reduce weight and we hope that this discussion on how to deal with food and sugar cravings whilst you are on your fat loss diet will assist you immensely.

Sugar and food or hunger cravings are a problem that most people struggle with a lot of the time and be rest assured that this perfectly normal.

The hunger and sugar cravings phenomenon occurs on account of the fact that, whilst you are on the diet, you are cutting off a lot of food that you would normally be eating and also foods that you enjoy. So, the point is that cravings are to be expected when dieting.

This is because your body is going to want those foods and in fact your mind is going to desire them too.

However, learning how to control or deal with your hunger cravings will help you stick with your diet and make healthier food choices.

Dealing with food and sugar cravings tip # 1 – Choose a good diet

The first step to deal with your sugar and hunger cravings is to ensure that the diet you are actually embarking on, is good one at that. For instance, being on a very low-calorie diet that will make you starve 24 hours a day will make you crave a lot. That is a recipe for failure, unless you are very strong-willed.

The craving might not be for junk food in this instance but it may just be for your regular foods that you eat every day, simply because you are starving yourself which is not a good thing.

So, if you are on a fad diet or any diet that is not structured properly, you may want to take a closer look and address that issue and this can make a huge difference to your success or failure.

Dealing with sugar and food cravings tip # 2 – Get healthy substitutes

The second thing is to look for foods that could substitute for whatever it is that you are craving. For instance, if you crave ice cream, you could have great yogurt with some berry toppings instead. This is going to be far healthier but you still get the creamy texture and sweetness that your body is craving.

So, by looking for smarter food substitutes, you can combat the sugar and hunger cravings problem whilst replacing it at the same time.

Dealing with sugar and hunger cravings tip # 3 – Plan a cheat meal

The third thing you can do to deal with your cravings for food and sugar is to plan a cheat meal. If your diet is structured properly, there is no reason why you cannot have a cheat meal and still come out with success on the other side.

The essential thing to do here is to make sure you have the cheat meal within your calorie range. So, for instance, if you are having a 500 calorie deficit daily, that would amount to 3,500 calorie deficit for the entire week which by the way is a good plan for fat loss.

If you were to stick to the diet plan and have a deficit of 3,000 calories over the first 6 days of the week, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to indulge yourself and have an extra 500 calories on the 7th day. This is acceptable and wouldn’t derail your dieting plan, neither would it make you fail, if you doing everything else right.

The problem usually arises when you are cheating every day or every other day, a little bit here, a little bit there, then you will be setting up yourself for failure and disappointment.

You should plan for a cheat meal well in advance in a structured way and you should be okay, as you will stay on track and you will feel motivated to carry on.

Dealing with hunger and sugar cravings tip # 4 – Eat frequently

Another tip to deal with cravings for food and sugar is to ensure you are eating frequently during the day, because if the intervals between meals are too long, your blood sugar drops and low blood sugar triggers hunger and subsequent cravings, but a short interval between meals prevents this.

By the way we are talking about eating small meals frequently within your calorie plan for the day. This requires discipline, so you don't overshoot and ruin the cheat meal plan we talked about in tip # 3.

Dealing with cravings for food and sugar tip # 5 – Use an appetite suppressant

After all said and done, sometimes you can still become overcome with cravings when you are on a fat loss diet. Even if you can execute those tips above, it wouldn’t hurt if you use a supplement that is proven to suppress appetite to bolster your dieting plan, so you stay on track more efficiently.

A good appetite suppressant supplement is a good dieting aid and its effect should not be underestimated.

What good appetite suppressant do you suggest?

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