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Cycling To Lose WeightCycling To Lose Weight

Cycling is one great way to shed those unwanted pounds. Of course there are other exercises that you can undertake but be rest assured that whatever fat loss methods you so choose, try and include cycling in your exercise routines.


Cycling can be undertaken both indoors and outdoors. One beauty of cycling is that you are least likely going to find it boring because it is simply great fun to do.


That is the reason why more and more people are now engaging cycling to loose weight. Its popularity has grown and shows no sign of slowing down. Even gearing up (pardon the pun) in popularity is Indoor Cycling attracting more fans and fitness enthusiasts.



So why is cycling such a good weight loss tool?

  • As stated earlier, it is fun to do.
  • It is ideal for virtually all age groups.


  • It is fairly kind to the joints.
  • Risk of sports injury is quite low.


  • Cycling requires minimal co-ordination
  • It does not discriminate your level of fitness.


  • It improves cardiovascular endurance within a short time frame especially when you are cycling to lose weight.
  • It provides one of the highest calorie burn rates around.
    Indoor cycling can be pursued anytime regardless of the weather.


Indoor cycling, in particular, spinning bikes (Spinner® Sport Spin Bike with 4 Spinning DVDs ) have been specially designed to simulate outdoor cycling. Yes, you can hardly tell the difference because you can do all the activities you would normally carry out on your outdoor bike on the Indoor spinning bikes.


They are fitted with a fairly heavy front flywheel that actually propels your foot in the usual rotational manner even when you stop pedalling. Besides, these new generation Indoor cycles have fantastic steel pedals strong enough to support your body weight enabling you to pedal in an upright position off the saddle without fear of breaking the pedals.


What that means is that, if you increase the resistance when you come off the saddle, you get the same feeling as though you are pedalling uphill in an outdoor cycle…

…and that is where you can turbo-charge the amount of calories burned during an exercise session. So you can see why these indoor spinning bikes are really ideal when you are cycling to lose weight.


How much cycling calories burned in a given session?

In a workout cycling session lasting 1 hour, you can easily burn between 600 and 700 calories.
To burn this amount of calories, you need to aim for cycling speeds of about 15mph and of course the higher the resistance, the more you are likely to reach that calorie target.


Aim to do 15 minutes of low resistance, then 25 minutes of moderate resistance and the last 20 minutes of the hour should be done on high resistance during a 1 hour session.


(Always seek medical advice first to ascertain your suitability for any exercise workout and cycling is no exception please).


One other tip to aim for your calculated target heart rate for weight loss as this will guide you during the workout session to stay within the fat burning zone.


So now you know that cycling to lose weight provides excellent benefits in the form of:

  • accelerated calorie burn
  •  improved cardiovascular efficiency
  • well toned muscles
  • increased energy levels
  • stress reduction and
  • indeed fat loss

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