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Calories Burned Swimming

Calories burned swimming can really add up especially if you engage yourself in this form of exercise in the long term. Swimming is a great way to shed off calories as well as unwanted fat. Swimming exercise has been shown to not only increase the muscle bulk of your body especially upper body but does make the muscles stronger and more powerful.


Swimming is also an aerobic exercises meaning it requires use of oxygen supply to the muscles from the lungs during the workout. To achieve this objective of increased oxygen supply, the heart has to do more work to get the oxygen from the lungs to the muscles. The net effect is that swimming improves your cardiovascular endurance and cardio efficiency with time.


If you start a regular swimming routine, you will notice with time that your energy levels will go through the roof and your stamina will be better for it. One other change you will discover is that, your quality of sleep will improve a great deal, feeling fresher every morning when you wake up.


Swimming is also a great stress buster. Every time you finish a splash routine, you will experience a relatively calmer you and having better sleep quality in addition as mentioned above means you will soon be recommending swimming to your friends and relatives….and they will thank you for it!


In fact I will suggest you recommend swimming to your friends and relatives so you can start doing the routines with one or more of them. The fact is if you want to burn calories in the long term and keep the weight and the pounds off, then having a swimming companion is the way forward on account of the motivational benefits.


Some people worry about effect of swimming on their joints. In actual fact, rather than have a detrimental effect on your body joints, it is an exercise that has healing effect on these joints.


It is a good physical therapy on body joints as the water supports your body with the floating effect and the water is fairly easy on the joints. That supple effect on the joints means you improve your coordination and joint flexibility which is a win-win situation.

So can you really burn a lot of calories apart from these benefits mentioned above? Of course, you can and I have worked out the amount of calories burned swimming and the best techniques that burn the most on the swimming calories page. To avoid repetition, please go see the facts on that page.


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