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Calories Burned During Exercise: Find Out How Many Calories You Burn Swimming, Walking or Jogging.


Exercise is a great additional tool in any weight loss program as exercise calories burned contribute significantly to fat loss. Quite apart from the fact that exercise gives a good sense of well being and keeps your cardio-vascular health in good shape.

Regular physical exercise is good for long term weight loss management and there are motivational benefits from knowing that calories burned in exercise are contributing to your daily calorie deficit.


Did you know that regular physical exercise actually increases your metabolic rate in the long term? What this means is that, with a consistently higher metabolic rate, you burn more calories per hour at a much faster rate even at rest when you are not exercising.

The net effect is calories burned per day remains consistently high and with a good fat loss program, the pounds will come off and stay off for as long as the exercise regime is maintained.Exercising to burn calories


Here are details of calories burned during exercise regimes:

240 Calories Burned Per Hour
You can burn this amount of calories doing these exercises –

  • Slow walking
  • Light gardening
  • Housework
  • Line dancing
  • Aquarobics
  • Playing golf
  • Gentle cycling

390 Calories Burned Per Hour

Do these exercises and you will burn about 390 calories in 1 hour –

  • Swimming
  • Middle level cycling
  • Playing basketball
  • Skiing
  • Fun football
  • Playing baseball
  • Racquetball
  • Good dancing
  • Brisk walking and
  • Playing cricket.

620 Calories Burned Per Hour

Try these exercises if you want to burn about 620 Calories in 1 hour –

  • Weight training
  • Jogging
  • Cross country
  • Skiing
  • Kick-boxing
  • Power walking
  • Skipping with rope
  • Competitive swimming
  • Competitive football
  • Vigorous cycling
  • Playing lawn tennis

How many calories burned swimming?

I often get asked this question. From the above, you can deduce that simple aquarobics will burn 240 calories per hour.

Middle level swimming which most people do will burn 390 calories in 1 hour whilst vigorous competitive swimming where the intensity is much higher burns about 620 calories per hour.


How many calories burned walking?

This is another recurring question. How much calories you burn walking depends on the level of intensity.

You will burn about 240 calories in 1 hour when you slow walk.

With brisk walking, about 390 calories will be burnt whilst power walking which is more vigorous will result in approximately 620 calorie burn per hour.


How many calories burned jogging?

When you jog or run fast, you burn about 10 calories or just over that figure for every minute you engage in the activity.

So if you continue jogging for 1 hour, you will burn between 600 and 620 calories. Not bad, is it?


How many calories burned per day?

This question refers to how many calories burned in a day without exercise. Yes, your body does burn calories when you are doing nothing, even when you are sleeping. I call it ‘idle calorie burn’ or in scientific terms is called basal metabolic rate.

This is calories used up by your body to perform routine metabolic tasks like breathing, power your pumping heart, talking, brain activity etc.


Therefore how much calories you burn per day without any physical activity is the equivalent of your basal metabolic rate. Naturally, if you do any exercises or are active, then you use up more calories and the figure rises.

Your basal metabolic rate is done with a simple calculation. The formula takes your weight, age, height, sex and level of physical activity into consideration. Go see the simple formula on calculating how many calories do I need a day on that page.


Having the knowledge about calories burned during exercise is the first step towards turbocharging your basal metabolic rate providing you with huge rewards in the end. 


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