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Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Book Review & Feedback


Is Burn the fat, feed the muscle book any good?



The burn the fat feed the muscle book was the original work of Tom Venuto. Tom is a natural body builder who is a firm believer in goal settings. In fact, goal setting underpins his fat loss training program and he goes a long way to emphasize the importance of drawing inspiration from having a target weight loss or fat loss plan.


Burn the fat feed the muscle is not the only book, Tom Venuto has written. He writes for a couple of magazines – Exercise for Men, Muscular Development, Ironman Magazine and Natural Bodybuilding etc.



burn the fat feed the muscle reviewIn writing the burn the fat feed the muscle book, Tom distinguishes between weight loss and fat loss which do not quite mean the same thing and you are made aware that there are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss.



This 340-page book also identifies the different body types, which is a good starting point in so much as your body’s response to diet and exercise is to a large extent dependent on your unique body type. Nice to know!


What about the food and liquids you consume? Tom devotes a good number of burn the fat, feed the muscle pages in the book to the kind of foods and drinks to avoid if you want to reach your fat loss goals. In doing so, he also offers alternatives to the “bad foods” you are eating already. You will learn a lot about the different food types – carbohydrates, fat and proteins… prepared to have an open mind as you will discover some “ahaa moments”.




You want to know the truth about supplements when it comes to fat loss? Tom did a fairly good job of exposing the truth about supplements, supplements advertising and the ones you actually need, not the ones the advertisers want you to buy.


It would not surprise you that Tom being a natural body builder brings you the best of his exercise regimes tailored to make you burn fat. This is where the book comes alive and the beauty is that the exercises (both cardio and weight training) have been cleverly designed by Tom, to make them practical, easy and effectively streamlined for what you want – Result!


Even little tweaks to your current routine when done correctly can produce profound results in a short time. You only need to set your goals and you are on your way provided you can show some sort of discipline.


This book is about achieving good health, not fat loss only.


Human beings notoriously won’t lift a finger about their health unless something bad happens. Yes, we take our health for granted.


Health is by no means simply absence of disease. How about having a life full of Vitality, Energy and Strength? To me that is what Burn the fat, feed the muscle book is about.


There is the story of a gentleman (Craig B) who bought this book and sent in a heart warming testimonial about how his physical and biochemical health had significantly improved since applying the principles in the book to the extent that his doctor is amazed at his improvement. Craig’s cholesterol, Triglycerides, VLDL (bad cholesterol) levels dropped, his HDL (good cholesterol) gone up.


Let’s hear more from Craig…..



“(I moved from High risk to Low risk.)

I have lost 34lbs of fat and put on 7lbs of lean muscle.
I have moved from 40% body fat to 32.9% (My scale may be off, but I am hoping to verify those body fat % measurements with a dunk test during my next visit to S.F. or Portland.)

The doctor, in short, was blown away with the results.
I have tried Atkins, Protein Power, Lindora (medical weight control), each of these over the years and probably too many others to mention. Never have I felt this empowered and well armed with information and insight.

When I was not getting the results the math would have me believe, I had the tools and community support to explain what Beta Blockers do to cardio and metabolism then took that insight to my doctor and he has reduced and changed those meds.
 I am now off statins all together as of today!

I have a ways to go to reach my final goal of 10% body fat, but I have the tools and I can accomplish it. I am as you suggested, putting the date when I achieve it in pencil, but the 10% BF is in ink. I will get there.

It is amazing how empowering feeling good and controlling your blood chemistry through nourishment (both physiological and physical) and being consistent with the hard work in the gym and changing to a new lifestyle.

 Thanks Tom - you are helping a lot of people, clearly. I will be telling anyone about the burn the fat feed the muscle book”



Now it’s result like that, that leaves a warm glow in your belly.


Improve Your Health or Be Stuck In a Rut – Your Choice!



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